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Nutrition Counselling


Initial appointments are 60 minutes for individuals, 90 minutes for couples or families with individual dietary needs and separate schedules. Follow-up visits are 30 minutes. 

Shannon will review your usual diet based on a three-day food history, assessing it for nutrient needs and food sensitivity triggers. 


Individualized specific goals are set to achieve your best tolerated, energizing eating pattern. Written recommendations and a summary of overarching goals is provided.

In-person appointments available at Mainland Medical Clinic on Saturdays. Virtual consults are offered through On Call Health, a Canadian company whose platform is healthcare compliant to ensure your privacy is secure. Virtual consults can be  easy to use on a smartphone or computer. 

Personalized Meal Plans  

A four week meal plan can be added to any appointment type for $75. Meal plans are created with Eat Love meal planning software, allowing the recipes to match your nutrition prescription outlined by the dietitian, but the recipes, meal prep schedule are chosen by you - the client. 

Meal plans include: 

  • Recipes (options to scale for family members)

  • Grocery List 

  • Meal Prep schedule 

  • Batch cooking options

  • Calorie and nutrient analysis per recipe 

  • Average cost per recipe

  • Four week access to Eat Love platform and app

Meal plans are available for low FODMAP diets. 


Nutrigenomix Testing


Nutrigenomics is the study of how individual genetic variation affects a person’s response to nutrients and impacts the risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases.


Using a quick non-invasive oral swab, we test for 45 genes and provide actionable information for: 

  • weight management,

  • nutrient metabolism,

  • heart health,

  • food intolerances,

  • eating habits and physical activity 

A customized comprehensive report is provided. 

Two appointments are included: 

  1. 15-20 minute oral swab including a discussion of program and outcomes.

  2. About 4 weeks later, a 60 minute appointment during which Shannon will help to analyze the results, and prioritize actionable goals reflected by the Nutrigenomix results. 

Program cost, including two appointments $500 

Areas of Focus

Anti-inflammatory diet

Plant-based diets

Low FODMAP diet

Digestive health

Weight maintenance

Intermittent Fasting 

Specialty and elimination diets

Food sensitivities

Mindful eating


Shannon has extensive experience in retail industry and a passion for sustainable foods.

Shannon's consulting services include:

  • Product development

  • Recipe development

  • Recipe analysis and adjustment

  • Nutrient optimization 

Find out how Shannon can support your brand and facilitate your product's growth and development. 

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