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Shannon registered dietitian holistic nutrition
Meet Shannon 


Shannon enjoys using her knowledge of nutrition to demystify the fact and fiction surrounding food and health.

This pragmatic dietitian believes nutrition is a powerful tool to support disease prevention and lifelong health.


With her private practice, Shannon uses a holistic and weight neutral approach to identify individualized nutrition goals. This means a consultation doesn't end at food and nutrients, but includes how meal spacing, sleep, exercise, and hydration can impact energy and nutrition needs.  

Try Nutrition Counselling 


Shannon's approach to nutrition counselling starts with meeting people where they’re at and implementing simple yet impactful changes that can realistically become everyday habits.

Shannon uses an approach that's rooted in motivational interviewing, putting the client at the core of developing nutrition goals.  

healthy cooking dietitian recipes
Cook simply, eat well & feel well 


These recipes start with whole unprocessed ingredients, the foundation of a Mediterranean or Anti-inflammatory type diet. 


Find low FODMAP meal ideas for digestive health, along with batch-able meals and snacks for hectic routines. 

No matter your needs, rely on our recipes to fill your life with vibrant, flavourful foods. 

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