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Let Shannon customize your meal schedule


A dietitian made meal plan can reduce stress of choosing what to eat, allowing you to focus on cooking simple meals and eating mindfully. 


Your meal plan will be designed to practically implement the nutrition recommendations discussed during an initial nutrition consultation with your dietitian.  

Not only can a personalized meal plan help you meet your nutrient recommendations but it can also help reduce food waste, and optimize your time spent in the kitchen and the grocery store. 

Each week you will receive: 

  • Recipes customized to your body, goals, schedule and tastes

  • Full calorie and nutrient analysis per recipe (optional)

  • Grocery List 

  • Weekly meal plan overview 

Meal plans are available for low FODMAP reduction, reintroduction, and adapted low FODMAP diets.

Four week meal plan cost - $400

One week meal plan cost - $100

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